The "New Deal" for Software Development
We the undersigned have come to recognize the need to evolve towards pragmatism as related to software development methods and methodology. The practitioners of software development are ready for a "new deal", one that reduces the noise that is getting in the way of their work.

We assert:

  1. Faith-based bias in selecting and using methods negatively affects outcomes;
  2. Generally-accepted practice is preferable to branded methods;
  3. In practice you must tailor your approach based on the context of your endeavor and the culture of your organization;
  4. Software projects must be steered through dynamically changing circumstances;
  5. Collaboration across the entire software value-chain enables holistic efficiency.

To move forward as an industry, we advocate:

  1. Studying software development endeavors as socio-technical systems;
  2. Replacing self-serving rhetoric with empirical evidence of practice efficacy;
  3. Uncovering the contextual and cultural fit-for-purpose of software development practices;
  4. Promoting leadership principles based on honest predictions of outcomes and uncertainties;
  5. Promoting socioeconomic improvements as the primary benchmark of software value.

Steve Adolph - WSA Consulting Inc.
Glen Alleman - Niwot Ridge Consulting
Scott Ambler - Scott Ambler & Associates
Chris Armstrong - APG
Kurt Bittner - Forrester Research
Grady Booch - IBM
Bill Curtis - CAST
Pete Franklin - CapGemini
Ricardo Garcia - Costco
Mike Gualtieri - Forrester Research
Carson Holmes - Software Development Experts
Julian Holmes - Agile Mentors
Capers Jones - Namcook Analytics
Mark Kennaley - Software Development Experts
Philippe Kruchten - University of British Columbia
Mark Lines - Scott Ambler & Associates
Diego Lo Giudace - Forrester Research
Stephen Mellor - Stephen Mellor & Associates
Adam Murray - Scott Ambler & Associates
Meilir Page-Jones - Wayland Systems
Cecile Peraire - SEI - Carnegie Mellon University
Rolf Reitzig - Avnet, Inc.
Walker Royce - IBM
Doug Stewart - Pencader Consulting
Tom Weinberger - The Nimblestar Group, Inc.
Geri Winters - Wyyzzk, Inc.
Arun Zachariah - CapGemini
Hadar Ziv - University of California, Irvine

The following people have signed The New Deal for Software Development:

Ricardo Garcia United StatesCostco
Glen Alleman United StatesNiwot Ridge
Kathi Paquet United StatesSavvis-CenturyLink
David Nicolette United StatesNeo Pragma LLC
Larry Cooper CanadaBSSNexus
John Ogden United KingdomIndividual
Adam Murray CanadaScott Ambler & Associates
Doug Stewart CanadaPencader Consulting
Dave Rooney CanadaIndividual
Nicolae Giurescu Romania3PRO-LAB Consulting
Al Shalloway United StatesNet
Anton Rossouw AustraliaTabar Pty Ltd
Mike BravoUnited StatesCoast Asset Management
Paul Oldfield United KingdomYoumanage
Mike Gualtieri United StatesForrester Research
Beth Elliott United StatesIcon Technology
Thomas Weinberger United StatesThe Nimblestar Group,
Boyd Summers United StatesBL Summers Consulting.LLC
Diego Lo Giudice
Robert Corcoran CanadaMDA Space Missions
Bill Curtis United
Alessandro Kieras BrazilArkhi Consultoria
Grady Booch United
Kurt Bittner United StatesForrester
Pete Franklin United KingdomCapgemini
Chris Armstrong United
Susan Thompson United StatesAssurant Specialty Property
Tony Hutson United
Russell Pannone United StatesWe Be Agile
Bob Bretall United StatesTeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
Shawn Doyle United StatesReleaseTEAM Inc
David Risler United
Bob Aiello United StatesCM Best Practices Consulting
Olivier Beghain BelgiumEmpulsys
Onno van der Straaten NetherlandsCGI
Thierry Paradan
Jim Tremlett United StatesRally
Dave West United
Craig Wilson United StatesMatincor,
Shrikant Palkar United StatesCostco WholeSale
Richard KnasterUnited StatesScaled Agile, Inc.
Michael Reed United StatesReed Consulting Services LLC
Kari Brey United StatesWellPoint
Terry Dietz United StatesConsultant
Themi Themistocleous South AfricaDVT
Vladimir Blatin United StatesSouthern California Edison
Gordon Schneemann CanadaUP
John Reeder United StatesConsultant
Skip Pletcher United StatesLPS
Jean-Louis (JL) Marechaux CanadaIBM
Raja Bavani IndiaMindtree
Bruce Douglass United StatesIBM
Gaston Nusimovich ArgentinaGenus
Jorge Sarmiento ColombiaGlobant
Brayan Castro ColombiaTourlette
Valentin Tudor Mocanu RomaniaPSS - Prosoft Solution
Dan Roman AustraliaPrivate
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Radu Giurgiteanu RomaniaDot Imagine
Rolf Reitzig United StatesAvnet Services
Gopinath Ramakrishnan IndiaIndependent Consultant
Joergen Winther DenmarkThe No Crisis Company
John Francis Canadau24b6 Solutions Ltd.
Gary Wetter United StatesS/W Development Engineering Consultant
Ravichandran J.V. IndiaVice President/OLPCi, Independent Agile Software Consultant
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Ian Partridge United Kingdom
Robert SandersUnited StatesMethodOptimal Partners, LLC
Olivier BéghainBelgiumEmpulsys
Meinte BoersmaNetherlandsDSL Consultancy
Jean BezivinFranceIndustry consultant in software modeling
Bjorn Freeman-BensonUnited StatesNew Relic
Boyd SummersUnited StatesBL Summers Consulting.LLC
Manoj Panda CSM , ITILIndiaIBM
Vinod VarmaIndiaAstra Infotech Private
Vipin KumarUnited Arab EmiratesAstra Infotech
Mitchell VaughanVisteon
Chidambaram LakshmananIndiaPESIL
Luis F CaicedoColombiaAssist
Jan LarssonUnited StatesCapital Group
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Jeffrey ColeUnited StatesRed Mountain Technologies
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Kris LichtenthalSwitzerlandUBS
Chris F CarrollUnited KingdomWarrington Software Ltd
Adriano de Pinho TavaresBrazilAvenue Code
Elsie DaSilvaUnited StatesBedBath & Beyond
Tamir GefenIsraelGoMidjets
Сергей МакаркинRussia (Russian Fed.)AVTOVAZ
Daryl WintersUnited StatesTataki
Yan Gabriel de SouzaBrazilCIP
Ed NeubeckerUnited StatesIBM
Neel BanerjeeUnited StatesIndividual
Sinval FreiresBrazilAccenture
Helen BealUnited KingdomMidVision Ltd
Andy PhillipsonUnited StatesIBM
Doug KlughUnited StatesIntel
Jon TiltUnited KingdomIBM
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Raquel Aguirre MacedoMexicoIBM
Kemi SomuyiwaUnited StatesIBM
Cavan G. WatsonUnited KingdomRo'tware-Moray Publishing
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